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Working in one of our stores

We aim to provide a meaningful professional experience and environment through teams and spaces that highlight the elegance of our product and reflect our brand identity.


We are committed to providing exceptional in-house training—keeping our teams engaged and up-to-date. Through a series of basic workshops during the onboarding period and ongoing advanced training, we provide best-in-class tools to be successful. We are continuously sharing inspiration and knowledge to keep passion for product and people at the core of what we do.

Key Opinion Leaders

Contagious energy, authentic influence, exemplary service, and the ability to inspire. All of these traits are central to becoming a Key Opinion Leader at Suitsupply. With this title, you’ll not only be representing the brand at the highest level both inside and outside of your store, but you’ll also enjoy a number of added benefits such as international travel, the freedom to plan and execute style events in your area, and the opportunity to meet with our in-house designers each season to offer feedback and advice for future collections.

Sibling Program

The Sibling program provides our teams the opportunity to visit and work in one of our stores abroad. Team members will have the chance to share skills, learn new ones, and bring it all back home to share with their teammates.

Radically Personal

Our journey is Radically Personal. We help customers find the perfect fit and create connections that build long-term relationships. Suitsupply teams share their expert knowledge and straight-to-the-point styling with clients, in personal sessions that are genuine and exciting.

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